Why Ari can help?

- I know bakery business very thoroughly as I have worked on this field of business since the age of 12 which is over 43 years.

- I also know very well the everyday problems of a private entrepreneur as I have been running a family bakery with almost 70 employees.

- I can read and also create profitability reports. Apart from my degree in the business school (Master of Scence in.Economics) I have had an opportunity to practice in our own successful family business as well as during my later 23 years of service at Fazer Bakeries.

- I have been involved in various investment projects. I have worked as project initiator, project manager, member of project team or member of the project steering group. I am also Registered Project Management Professional with IPMA (International Project Managers Association) C- certificate.

- I can make production line layouts in 3D as well. This makes the project much easier to comprehend. 3D model also shows quite easily the work flow bottlenecks or bad equipment positioning.

- I have worked with all the major Finnish and many of the international equipment suppliers as well.

- apart from Finnish I speak well English, Swedish and German and a little Russian.

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